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Whether you need CGI content for your media-based attractions in the new theme park you are building or to update those you already have, it can be very tricky to get the perfect one without encountering any obstacles.

Think about it…

How many times someone has offered your customers some very old CGI content at full price, passing it off as brand new or, even worse, managed to sell them a movie way below their expectations or terribly boring because too long or not exciting at all?

And this is just the tip of the iceberg: slow after-sale support or any at all, awkward delays in content delivery, extra costs that unexpectedly came during the production...There are many setbacks that you may have to face and that can cost you A LOT.

Get ready to say goodbye to all that!

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A concise, relevant and compelling guide to avoid all the mistakes that could unknowingly undermine your business and to find the CGI content that works, the one that will make your guests live the dream and dramatically increase your audience rate!

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How to recognize all the mistakes you may unintentionally make with your CGI content and that could severely undermine your business and push your audience away.


How to choose the right CGI content without being overwhelmed by all the options and get the absolute best out of your media-based attraction.


All the questions you should ask yourself and the answers you should look for to make sure you find a reliable CGI Content Partner and avoid wasting time and money on the wrong CGI content


How to increase your venue’s audience rate in just a few steps.


All the secrets behind CGI content for media-based attractions, revealed by the company specialized in it.

Including inspiration and insight from some of the leading industry players, this handy resource has the answers to turn your dream media-based attractions into a profitable reality!

This is what amusement professionals, just like you, say about the advantages of working with a company that is specialized in its respective field.

Amusement Park

“We were looking for new video content for our 5D movie theater and we met Red Raion, which impressed us with a different and very interesting offer. Our relationship with the company and the discussion of the offer went perfectly with the Customer Support team, who took care of us. Dealing with an in-house movie production studio is very straightforward and makes everything easier compared to movie distribution companies in the industry. I highly recommend Red Raion: it allowed us to offer several 5D movies instead of one and satisfy our visitors even more. And, why not, they can also create a special movie for Mini World Lyon in the future!”

- Richard Richarté, Founder at Mini World Lyon

Family Entertainment Center

“As an event agency working with malls and big events all around France, the Red Raion movies are perfect to entertain families, we highly recommend this amazing studio for their professionalism and great creativity.”

- Arnaud Charier, Co-Founder and Commercial Director at Hypercube VR

Sopping Mall

“We have been trying to keep the level of excitement at the maximum and the variety that Red Raion offers is an advantage for us. The first word that came into our minds when seeing their products is ‘excellence’. This opinion is based on two factors. The first is that our audience has been showing interest since the first day we have advertised the new movies, especially the younger generations whom we found to be more familiar with the contents created by Red Raion. But more in general, after the first time watching the movie people always return a second time and so on. The second factor is that as soon as we introduced the new movies, we received impressive feedback about their quality. To quote a client among the others: ‘It is hard to tell the difference between the virtual world and reality’. Although most of our clients have ranked Da Vinci’s Touch as their favorite movie, it still remains a personal opinion to many of us since the quality of each of them is marvelous! Hoping that our feedback will help the team to improve, we are looking forward to the next step in doing business together in the near future.”

- Denis Ndreko, Attractions Manager at Tirana Ring Center

Family Enterainment Center

“Our guests love to immerse themselves in Red Raion's movies. They have particularly appreciated Aladdin, one of their newest titles! We have licensed several VR titles with their Movie Package and it’s great to offer this kind of variety to our visitors so that they can enjoy different experiences every time! Also, they've always been available when we needed it and their customer support is fast and effective.”

- Dario Fonseca, CEO at Sky Rides

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